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The Range

On a Friday evening that saw the Four Hands Brewery opening up for their soft opening, we ended up at Bailey’s Range. When we arrived at the Four Hands, we were informed that they had been out of Four Hands beer for over an hour. Well, we were disappointed but then we decided to hit up the Range.

Bob had told me that at the new Bailey’s restaurant was serving a slinger burger, and well I just had to try it. That was also kind of nice since we struck out on new local beer, I was happy to go to  the Range because it has 29 taps of local beers and I’ve not tried the vast majority of those beers.


Ok, aside from a trip to Abslutli Goosed the night before, The 13 Blog wouldn’t be caught dead in a Vodka or Martini Bar.  That’s just not how we roll here.  The idea of paying $8 or more for a drink, well we find that a bit distasteful.  However, some very good people made a very convincing argument to get me out to Sub Zero Vodka Bar.

Andrew Veety runs a blog where he’s now on a quest for St. Louis’s


This past Saturday, I chose to make my return to a little sandwich shop in Midtown St. Louis called The U.  It had been a very long time since I’d been there and now they’re serving breakfast.  When you serve breakfast in St. Louis, you’d better have a slinger.  So, with a faithful friend we headed out to run some errands and then get our slinger on…however what awaited us was an interesting experience….

Now, as you can guess by the title, this is not a normal slinger review because we didn’t get a normal slinger.  Being as we weren’t eating slingers, I’m considering this a slinger variant and cannot put it in the series searching for the perfect one.  However, I’ll be headed back very soon to try their regular slinger….