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12, 13, 14, and 15 of 2012.

This is the first edition of Beer Squared that is outside of Lafayette Square! My wife started a project in our kitchen that needed some help from Bob, so he decided we’d have a “mini tasting” after he was done. In honor of the work put in, the beers have been photographed in front of the new wall.

In this post, we’re doing English Regular Bitters. Strength between 4.2% and 4.7% abv. In the United Kingdom bitter above 4.2% abv accounts for just 2.9% of pub sales. The disappearance of weaker bitters from some brewers’ rosters means “best” bitter is actually the weakest in the range. (source) (There’s a lot of good info on the English Ales at that link.


Assorted Ales

My father in law Bob was celebrating his birthday and he decided that we should do a beer tasting that night before we ate his birthday pizza.

Well, it was his birthday and if there’s a better reason to drink a beer…well I really don’t think I care. Whatever reason you have to enjoy a series of beers is the best reason in the world…till your next one anyway.

We took a look in the fridge and we noticed a lot of assorted ales. We didn’t really have 3 of any of these particular ales, so we decided on sampling four different ales from both sides of the pond.  We have a macro domestic, a craft domestic, and two big imports from the England and Ireland.