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Welcome to the first collaboration post in the slinger category. My good friend Joe decided that after sending me many pictures of slingers he wanted to go get one with me, and I needed work done on my car anyway…so here we are!

T.J.’s Diner

11690 Baptist Church Road

Sappington, MO

Joe: T.J.’s Diner is where I go when I’m too lazy to leave my South County neighborhood and drive (all the way) into the city to a Courtesy Diner.  Tucked away on Baptist Church Road in a building that looks like it may have been a Captain D’s or Long John Silver’s in a past life, you could drive right by T.J.’s Diner in South County and not even know you passed it.  The signage is very high up and hard to spot from the street.  But we locals know it’s there and the place is packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings.



Found it.

Welcome back to the first Fish Fryday post of 2012! Around December I get to wondering how much longer until it’s Fish Fry season. This year it really seemed to fly on by.

Unfortunately, the Fish Fry Finder wasn’t up and running for me when I needed it to be, so I decided to head to an old place I frequented back in the before time when I lived in Affton, St. George. When I used to live in a house named after a German Scientist, I made the mistake once of walking all the way up there in some pretty wicked winds. I learned after that, drive up.  The people there were always nice and one of the volunteers always commented on my hockey jerseys…so that was nice.


I'm still hungry...

Another week has passed and another fish dinner has been eaten. I would think it’s about time to begin recapping that.

This week we had all five of us going out again and we chose St. Marks on Morganford just outside of the City Limits in Affton, MO. This wasn’t the first time we’ve been into Affton…and I did live there for a few years before moving back into the City Proper, but it was our first trek outside of the City Limits for a fish fry of record…and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Churches aren’t like dives…they don’t seem to pop up all the we’ll run out and have to go to the county. Might as well widen the search now right?

I haven’t been enjoying my fish as much this year as I have last year. I suppose my biggest complaint, aside from the poor beer selections, has been the fish at St. James. Well, was St. Marks any better?


C.T.s in Affton, MO

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Affton, Dive Bar
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So, we headed out to Screamers on Gravois Rd. last night. As we got there, I noticed there were a whole bunch of newspapers in the window and all the lights were off. I looked over at the fiancee and said holy hell, it’s closed. (As we drove past it later, we saw that it’s being remodeled into an Irish Saloon… it won’t be a dive bar anymore…and I really wanted to play the darts game there. So..we had to choose a new place to go last night. We ended up at CTs in Affton on Hildesheim and Tieman.