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Ok, aside from a trip to Abslutli Goosed the night before, The 13 Blog wouldn’t be caught dead in a Vodka or Martini Bar.  That’s just not how we roll here.  The idea of paying $8 or more for a drink, well we find that a bit distasteful.  However, some very good people made a very convincing argument to get me out to Sub Zero Vodka Bar.

Andrew Veety runs a blog where he’s now on a quest for St. Louis’s


All I can say right now is this is how I feel: A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse! If you’re a faithful reader of this fanciful adventure through St. Louis searching for slingers, you know that I’ve hit a run of bad luck.

This week it continued.  The reason why the slinger runs were so close together is because I haven’t had a good one in a couple trips and I really, really want to eat a tasty slinger.  So, my father in law and I set up the time and date as I’m getting off of a plane from Mexico, the wife thought I