St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger #36: Joe’s Chili Bowl

Posted: October 11, 2012 in slinger
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Owned by Pasta House.

It certainly has been a long time since I’ve told you about a slinger in St. Louis hasn’t it? You always get my standard apologies when it’s been awhile: I’m taking three classes at UMSL this semester, my daughter is now running and talking, and I’ve also begun a new blog on music.

I am sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog that people care about, but I do have a couple slinger tales for you now!

A couple weekends back, the family and I were at the Pink Flamingo Festival at City Garden. It was actually my first time going to City Garden and I just loved it. While we were out there, a man wearing a Pink Flamingo as a hat and cowel handed us a menu for a chili bar. Of course curiosity got the best of me and we were on our way to brunch.


So, we head over to their location to sit down for a brunch that I frankly didn’t need. I had already had a goodly sized breakfast, but I didn’t know when I would be down here again.

What we didn’t know when we walked in is that this chili bar is partially owned by the Pasta House Company. Personally, I am not a fan of their restaurants. I find all of their food to be bland at best, and bad at worst, but I remained hopeful.

As with most places, their slinger was burger patties, chili, eggs, and a slice of American cheese, but instead of hash browns, I was given french fries.

The money shot.

So, here it is.  Now what you cannot see is that this slinger is constructed all wrong. It went, from to bottom, chili, fries, cheese, eggs, burger patty.

This may not seem like anything to really think about, but it is. By doing it this way, it’s much harder to get it all together in a mixture, like the way I prefer to eat them, and well those are french fries! The big issue with the location of the fries though, is that as they’re directly underneath the chili, they got mushy in very quickly.

So, let’s go top to bottom:

Hashbrowns: Instead of hashbrowns, I was given french fries. These fries in and of themselves weren’t very good and by the time I’d gotten a quarter of the way into my slinger, they were mushy and gross.

Chili: Now, here we have a bright spot! I would bet that the Pasta House chose to use Edmond’s brand chili here. That stuff is the goo that makes the slinger really. All of the best slingers use Edmond’s Chili. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to save this one.

Eggs:The eggs were flat out bad.

Toppins: It is not fair to add an S to the toppin. I was given a single piece of American cheese and as it was in the wrong place, it didn’t melt and there were no onions, peppers, or anything else to spruce this up.

Meat Patty:Here was another little bright spot. I enjoyed the burger underneath it all.

Sum Up: This was a bad slinger. The ingredients are just as important as the order you pile them onto the plate. All of the major ingredients were there, but they were in the wrong order. The slinger is a mixture, not a solution. If the ingredients are in the wrong order, it will not taste good and this one didn’t. It was so bad, they offered to comp me on it.


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