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JG2I was calmly reading my email when i discovered that I had been invited to a media event regarding this particular restaurant in West County of all places.

After thinking about it thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that as I do love steak and I do love seafood…I realized I would be a fool to pass on this opportunity.

Thankfully, I’m pleased this was the route I took.

As long time readers will certainly realize, there is nothing about J. Gilberts in and of itself that would have drawn me in. Obviously, it’s not in St. Louis City. It’s a corporate chain. It’s also in a mall.


fish fryimageWelcome back to Fish Fry Nomading for the advanced learner.

Hopefully, by now, everyone has heard the report Rachel Lippman did on 90.7 KWMU celebrating St. Louis Fish Frys.

If not, click here!

Yes that was me in the second segment of the story. It was a great honor to be chosen as someone to be a part of St. Louis Fish Frys and why those of us who aren’t even Catholic attend them.

I certainly hope everybody who does do the fish fry thing approves of the silly things I said and that we’re all still good, because sometimes it’s hard to be an expert on things that you just kind of do for yourself.



Another Friday full of fish adventures has come and gone. It’s amazing how many little things can go right or wrong and change a trip on the fly.

This past weekend our chosen destination was St. Matthias in South County. Having filled the car, as usual, with three generations of our family, the Honda Civic was pointed south.

Out of St. Louis City we went and into the wilds of South County all the while listening to music and Siri’s directions on how to get where we were going. As we passed down the road, United Methodist was on our right and jokingly I said, want to stop here to get fish instead? A good laugh was h ad by all as we kept chugging along down south.

Upon arrival at St. Matthias, a sadness overtook me, as there were nearly zero cars in the parking lot. This is never good at 5:45pm on a Fish Fryday. I rolled down the window to smell, and there was no smell of fish! We then checked the sign and saw that there was no fish fry today.  At least the car wasn’t emptied and we could just turn around and head to that place down the road.


When beginning the post on this one, the last Friday in Lent before Good Friday it was hard to believe that this was only third post of this season. This is one of my favorite times of the year and my family loves going out for fish on Friday nights. So, this year was a bit disappointing that we have missed a couple. I may have to do something special to make up for that.

This is the first year of our travels were we didn’t create a week by week schedule two or three weeks before Lent started, so we’ve often times been at a loss this year when Friday rolled around, but I feel like we’re still doing well and going to places we’ve never visited, which is nice. We also had our first Fish Fail to go with the five or six slinger fails. All in all, aside from the plague that befell us, it’s been a pretty fun year, but my daughter now being old enough to say fish is yummy in my tummy as she eats it certainly helps!