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Everything about this is wrong.

Here we go again on another outing for another slinger in another St. Louis City restaurant.  This time Dame Fortune finds us at Pam’s Chicago Style Dogs & More.   Now, let’s think about this for just a minute…really what am I doing at this place?  About a month or so ago, I learned that Pam’s served breakfast, which led me to my next question, which led me to the answer.  Yes they serve slingers.  It’s on the menu.  So, there’s no problem there right?  They have it.  I’ll order it, and then I’ll blog about it. However, this is a Chicago Restaurant…is it all that different from going to Giordannos and getting a slinger?  I suppose we’ll find out, but this is a City Pride blog…going to a Chicago Style Eatery still feels weird.

So, this past weekend, my wife and I decided to get some breakfast before a trip to Soulard Farmers Market, and the Science Center….