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Another lunch on a Saturday and another trip to get a steak sandwich. I really can’t help but feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve had a tasty, tasty steak sandwich.

This time we ended up at Biggies just kind of by happenstance. Like most instances in this column, my wife, my daughter, and myself were out running errands at we all got hungry. So, as we were driving down Chippewa St., I said I was hungry and that we should go to Biggies. I think I have been to this establishment about five or six times…most times with my mother and father in law. In fact, she called while we were waiting for our food and was a bit disappointed that we were eating there without her!


Well, the wife and I went out for lunch. Our original heading was Pam’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs for their slinger dog…but they were closed, so we went the other way down Delmar into the U-City Loop. She asks me, do you want to eat at Cicero’s or the Mall?

She said she was being sneaky. She didn’t want to eat at the mall. So she asked me to make the choice. Obviously it was Cicero’s and even though I’d had a slinger fail…I seemed to recall eating a steak sandwich at Cicero’s. So even though there was a slinger fail, I was going to get to write about my lunch after all.

So, we went in and I saw the beer cooler. It had been a very long time since I’d been inside of the place and I didn’t remember them having so much beer…Well I was sure I could easily find a beer that I would enjoy to go along with my sandwich. For some reason I was in the mood for a Scotch Ale…