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I see that we meet again.

Alrighty then! So, I’m really stupid late on this particular post.  For that I apologize greatly, but better late than never.  Also, we’re going to use stock photos from the first visit to The U when I got their slinger burger.

So let’s get down to it I suppose.  This weekend, we were going to be doing a lot of stuff around the house, and then I was headed to a soccer game.  I think what ended up happening was I got upset about something, and my wife being the wonderful woman that she is, decided to say; let’s got get breakfast, do you want a slinger?  Well, in this day and age of the slinger hunt, I kind of need to plan ahead.  If you just spring it on me I don’t know where to go! So, I blurted out, The U.


This past Saturday, I chose to make my return to a little sandwich shop in Midtown St. Louis called The U.  It had been a very long time since I’d been there and now they’re serving breakfast.  When you serve breakfast in St. Louis, you’d better have a slinger.  So, with a faithful friend we headed out to run some errands and then get our slinger on…however what awaited us was an interesting experience….

Now, as you can guess by the title, this is not a normal slinger review because we didn’t get a normal slinger.  Being as we weren’t eating slingers, I’m considering this a slinger variant and cannot put it in the series searching for the perfect one.  However, I’ll be headed back very soon to try their regular slinger….