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In historic Dutchtown.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put up a post about a steak sandwich. You hopefully have noticed and been enjoying the many beer squared posts. Well another Saturday afternoon lunch came up and my family and I ended up at one of our favorite local restaurants, Crusoe’s.

This restaurant was actually one of the first places my wife and I went to when we were dating. So, this place long has had a nice history for us. I have to fully endorse their steak dinners, hamburgers, pasta, but I can’t comment on their pizza. They also have a 3am bar on the other side of the restaurant that now seems to contain skeeball and a skeeball league…which I’m going to look up and hopefully be a champion…I’ve also heard tale that they serve a slinger on the Sunday brunch menu. I’m hoping my wife wants to go out for breakfast tomorrow…


You know, it really feels like it’s been about a thousand years since I’ve been to a new dive bar.  It has really been two months since I’ve gotten out to a new place.  This time of year though, with my Fish Fryday Series going on, time’s been a little bit short on hitting bars.  Then couple that with the fact that my slinger posts have been picked up by St. Louis City Edition which puts a greater importance on getting out for new slingers, and well my dive bars have kind of gotten ignored.