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59, 60, 61, 62, and a greatest hit.

We were watching the Cardinals in game one of the NLCS and had planned on a beer tasting…once they imploded in the fifth inning, that really seemed like a good idea to begin. After our Pumpkin Ale post from a couple weeks back, we’d decided we need to do another round of Oktoberfest beers, but we ran into a bit of a snag, not enough of of them to do a complete tasting, so we added a greatest hit, and a couple of other beers of somewhat similar styles and we’re calling this one Autumn Beers. So, this tasting contains beers fifty nine through sixty two.

Bob has been going through the warchest of beer down in the basement and has pretty much forbade me from bringing over any new beers for our tastings. and I walked home with a pick a six from downstairs last night too. So, that’s kind of why we stuck with what was available. Not really any room, and Bob had to offload some beer on me. Jealous?

Bob: It’s October, time to dip into those amber lagers known as Marzen or Oktoberfest beers. We have two from Germany and one from St. Louis, MO, plus an amber Vienna lager that is (supposed to be) just a little lighter. Plus a dark lager that should have just a little stronger taste. We did our tasting from light to dark (beer colors–not the time of day!)


The Fridge.

For some reason, we continue to find more beers to try and then we have to write about them….

This edition finds Bob and I trying some Marzen Oktoberfests. The first is local macro brewer Michelob Marzen and the second is Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen, and then we will be finishing up this jag with Coney Island Freaktoberfest.

This will be the first, and definitely not the last, time we try any of the AB Family of beers up against a counterpart from another company.

The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavour and a clean dry finish. In Germany, the term covers beers which vary in colour from pale (Helles Märzen), through amber to dark brown (Dunkles Märzen) (source). How do these three beers compare to each other?