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This is not a church.

Welcome back! How was your winter?

This is the first post of our fifth year of blogging the Lenten Fish Frys in the St. Louis Area. First of all, I’d like extend a very warm thank you to the people who continue to read about my silly food adventures. There are a few more slingers that I’m interested in eating, but I think this blog, aside from the Fish Frys, may go into new directions! Also, please feel free to keep up with my musical adventures over at Glacially Musical.

It’s hard to believe for me that this is the fourth year of fish frys for my daughter, E-J. It was this Tuesday past and as I picked her up, I told her that Friday was our first fish fry, and she said “That’s great. I love fish!”

So, in honor of my daughter’s getting older and more appreciative of fried fish, I will now be adding E-J’s take on what we eat. Please understand, she’s only three, so it’s very likely I’m going to have to do some interpretation here.