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Another lunch on a Saturday and another trip to get a steak sandwich. I really can’t help but feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve had a tasty, tasty steak sandwich.

This time we ended up at Biggies just kind of by happenstance. Like most instances in this column, my wife, my daughter, and myself were out running errands at we all got hungry. So, as we were driving down Chippewa St., I said I was hungry and that we should go to Biggies. I think I have been to this establishment about five or six times…most times with my mother and father in law. In fact, she called while we were waiting for our food and was a bit disappointed that we were eating there without her!


In historic Dutchtown.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put up a post about a steak sandwich. You hopefully have noticed and been enjoying the many beer squared posts. Well another Saturday afternoon lunch came up and my family and I ended up at one of our favorite local restaurants, Crusoe’s.

This restaurant was actually one of the first places my wife and I went to when we were dating. So, this place long has had a nice history for us. I have to fully endorse their steak dinners, hamburgers, pasta, but I can’t comment on their pizza. They also have a 3am bar on the other side of the restaurant that now seems to contain skeeball and a skeeball league…which I’m going to look up and hopefully be a champion…I’ve also heard tale that they serve a slinger on the Sunday brunch menu. I’m hoping my wife wants to go out for breakfast tomorrow…


On the corner.

This edition of St. Louis Steaks is very special. It was the first time my daughter and I went to lunch together. Oh, we’ve had lunch before, but this was our first time by ourselves. I’m hoping there will be many more. So…my day care lady told us that she had to close early, so I just had to take a half day off…and it was before a three day weekend…oh the horror! So, I was going to go to Columbo’s on Manchester for our lunch, but the wife seemed a bit put off by that…

So, I decided I was going to find a small south city bar and restaurant for lunch. Since I was taking my daughter to the doctor afterwards, I couldn’t have any booze on my breath. So I just had a diet coke. Sadly, I was a good boy. Driving down Gravois, I remembered that a little corner place had been remodeled and re-opened. I used to drive past this place nearly everyday and wish it was open…So, this seemed like a fine time to give it a try.


The Place.

Another day out and about with my wife and daughter found me going back to the Lafayette Fire Company No 1.

Originally, we were going to eat some tacos at Esquina de Sabor on Cherokee St, but the rainy weather kind of put the kabosh on that…so instead we headed up to Lafayette Square to get our lunch.

A quick perusal of their menu showed the steak sandwich on the menu, and even though I’d had two other steak sandwiches that week, I thought a third was in order! I’d been there in the past to have their slinger, but that had been quite some time ago and I really didn’t look at their menu all that closely, so it was a happy surprise.


The place the places.

This trip for a steak sandwich was a bit unusual because it was on a Friday afternoon. The wife and I had to take our darling daughter to the pediatrician for her latest round of vaccinations, so I had the morning off.

I felt like this would be another great opportunity to try another steak sandwich and keep this ball rolling…since I had one person say that he’s enjoying these, that must mean that a billion people are enjoying them right? So onward! More steak sandwiches!

I first discovered this place a couple of years back when we took my mother here for Mother’s Day.


The place.

As has become our wont lately, my family and I were out shopping at garage sales on a Saturday morning, and we got hungry…

My thought was well what would be better than a nice steak sandwich for lunch? We had pretty terrible luck with the garage sales, so I thought perhaps a nice lunch would make our day a bit better…at least till I made it out to Friar Tucks to get a another pick a six.

Randall’s if you’re reading this, I drive twenty miles round trip to get a pick a six…I’d much rather just go to your store on Jefferson which is less than 2 miles round trip…

So, being in the county anyway…we ended up going to Culpepper’s on Kirkwood (Lindbergh) Road. This is a place we’ve been many times. As we all know, they have great wings, a pretty decent, though not spectacular, beer selection, and a very good liquor selection.

This time though, I was there for a steak sandwich. I did find myslef a bit disappointed because there wasn’t a beer there that day that I really would like to have enjoyed, so I just stuck with pepsi.


The place.

First off, let’s address this…I know this is outside of St. Louis City, but I also happen to really like this place, but I did live in the county and while I did, there were a bunch of places in Kirkwood that I came to enjoy…

So, we were there on a weeknight and had some gift certificates and we were getting a nice dinner and I saw that they had a steak sandwich on the menu. Well, I also knew that I was headed in this direction, so I decided that I was going to get one.


Again and again.

Recently, I’ve noticed that we’re actually running out of slingers in St. Louis City…. This kind of made me sad. So I tried to think of another thing I really like to eat and that is a good steak sandwich. Just like the slinger is typically my go to for breakfast, the steak sandwich is often my go to for lunch or dinner. Off the top of my head, I can name about 10 ┬áplaces that I have eaten their offering…so henceforth, I’m going to be giving my unlearned opinion on them as well as that of the slinger.

So, a couple of weeks back, my wife and I were out running from garage sale to garage sale. (Don’t laugh, we got an awesome maroon fleur de lis runner for our hallway for only twenty dollars!) ┬áSo, as we were out, our stomachs started to rumble and as we were on South Kingshighway in Southampton already, I thought we should go to Murdoch Perk and get a quick bite for breakfast for ourselves and the baby.