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The place the places.

This trip for a steak sandwich was a bit unusual because it was on a Friday afternoon. The wife and I had to take our darling daughter to the pediatrician for her latest round of vaccinations, so I had the morning off.

I felt like this would be another great opportunity to try another steak sandwich and keep this ball rolling…since I had one person say that he’s enjoying these, that must mean that a billion people are enjoying them right? So onward! More steak sandwiches!

I first discovered this place a couple of years back when we took my mother here for Mother’s Day.


Here we are.

Good morning! Welcome back to the show that never ends, but does seem to take long breaks these days.  Sorry!! Well, I have some good reasons…most of which being that my life is changing and getting far more hectic far more quickly than I expected.  I’m also hard at work on the Floodplain Footy, and school and home stuff of course, however, do you really care all the goofy stuff?

Probably not, so without further preamble, let’s get to the next preamble. So, whenever I ask anyone about where to get a slinger at a dinery/divey place in St. Louis City, someone always returns with: Tiffany Diner in Maplewood, because, Nik/Bat/13 it’s just RIGHT outside the City you can count it as the City.