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Again and again.

Recently, I’ve noticed that we’re actually running out of slingers in St. Louis City…. This kind of made me sad. So I tried to think of another thing I really like to eat and that is a good steak sandwich. Just like the slinger is typically my go to for breakfast, the steak sandwich is often my go to for lunch or dinner. Off the top of my head, I can name about 10  places that I have eaten their offering…so henceforth, I’m going to be giving my unlearned opinion on them as well as that of the slinger.

So, a couple of weeks back, my wife and I were out running from garage sale to garage sale. (Don’t laugh, we got an awesome maroon fleur de lis runner for our hallway for only twenty dollars!)  So, as we were out, our stomachs started to rumble and as we were on South Kingshighway in Southampton already, I thought we should go to Murdoch Perk and get a quick bite for breakfast for ourselves and the baby.


Murdoch Perk

With all the beer talk, the Poutine, the Potato Chips, I wonder if anybody has forgotten that we still love the slinger here at the 13 Blog…

Of course not…so here we go one more time. Thanks to a reader, we were going to head to the Southtown Pub for their Sunday Brunch Slinger…well…we couldn’t get one, due to their stopping…so…quickly we had to dig up a replacement plan. We ended up choosing another reader suggested establishment, Murdoch Perk in The Southampton on the corner of Murdoch and Macklind.  I was told of their “Hungryman” which is a slinger without a meat patty. Well, I was pretty sure I could put a meat patty on there and turn their hungry man into a slinger.