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12, 13, 14, and 15 of 2012.

This is the first edition of Beer Squared that is outside of Lafayette Square! My wife started a project in our kitchen that needed some help from Bob, so he decided we’d have a “mini tasting” after he was done. In honor of the work put in, the beers have been photographed in front of the new wall.

In this post, we’re doing English Regular Bitters. Strength between 4.2% and 4.7% abv. In the United Kingdom bitter above 4.2% abv accounts for just 2.9% of pub sales. The disappearance of weaker bitters from some brewers’ rosters means “best” bitter is actually the weakest in the range. (source) (There’s a lot of good info on the English Ales at that link.


80-84...85 not pictured.

Welcome to another round of India Pale Ales. No matter how many of these we drink, there are always another fifty of these wonderful hoppy ales in the fridge to try. This time we even added a sixth to the proceedings as we had extra time and no one was around to tell us not to!

I really like the line up we had for this round. We have a well thought of craft brewer, Goose Island, a craft brewer that I don’t think gets enough press, Dundee, a highly reputed craft brew that you can’t get in St. Louis, Dogfish Head, a wonderful Scottish Brewer, Belhaven, a new to St. Louis craft brewer, Green Flash, and an English brewer, Greene King.


63, 64, 65, 66, and 67.

We decided that for lager posts, we’ll do five beers and for heavier beers, we’ll do four, but there is far too much beer to plow through right now and we didn’t really have anywhere to go…so we got out five very different stouts and headed upstairs to enjoy them.

Bob: While official beer tasting judges may categorize these stouts into several categories, we chose (due to budget, time and other constraints) to sample all beers labeled stouts together, regardless of alcohol content (imperial, etc.) or composition (oatmeal, bourbon aging, etc.). That certainly makes for a more diverse gouping, but it’s only one reason we found a remarkable range of flavors and effects, with brews differing wildly, in this tasting session. Most differences were due to the brewer’s choices of ingredients and brewing methods. Following our usual method, we sampled these stouts in order of ABV, from lowest to highest.


Wheat Ales

We’re giving another go to wheat beers while the weather is warm, but instead of the lagers we did last time, we’re going with top fermented ales. While Bob and I (mostly Bob) were grilling up some burgers in the backyard, we began our tasting.

I have to say, pairing wheat beers with being outside in the summer time is a winning combination.¬† This time we tried offerings from some very good breweries: Goose Island, Pyramid, and Bell’s Brewing.

Even though these three beers were all ales, they still had very yellow colors and did well even in the nastiness of St. Louis Summer. On a personal note, I still have ¬†bias against wheat beers. I’m not sure why as I’ve enjoyed many of them. So I really enjoyed this round because once again, I had to face my biases head on.