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They have a nice sign.

Once again our multi-generational clan is off for another few moments spent in each other’s company, in fellowship, and surrounded by fried fish which we pretend is healthy.

At least some of us do.

Again, we find ourselves hitting up a rerun fry, but considering how much we loved this one back in the day, it did not really strike me as a negative. For the past couple seasons, I had been talking about going back anyway.

As a beer fan, one of the things I’d really loved about this place was the selection of Polish beers they had.

We were intending to hit a new place this week, but due to some travel concerns and the patriarch of the family arriving late and without  his car, we chose to re-visit St. Agatha’s because my in-laws had not sampled their cuisine when our nuclear family went on our very first fish fry.


It is that time.

Once again, it’s time for Lenten Fish Fries in St. Louis. This year things are a little bit different for our family, becasue we’re now bringing along a newborn baby, my daughter, along with us to the fish fries. She’s going to make these outings a bit more interesting this year and possibly a bit scarcer.  Because this time it was just my newclear family,my in-laws didn’t come along as they had other plans, we decided to stay close and we went to St. Agatha’s in Benton Park West.

As Friday Night Fish said, it was a little hard to find the entrance to the place, but I saw a couple of older gentlemen shlepping in some Polish beer, and I kind of thought they knew where to go…So I asked them and followed their directions down the tiny stairway into what also doubles as their coffee shop.


Found it.

Hello again.  As any of my facebook friends, twitter followers, or blog readers will tell you, I’m always on the look out for new slingers.  It’s getting harder and harder to find them in new places, so on the advice of my friend Jess Luther, on Memorial Day I found myself at The Soulard Coffee Garden & Cafe.  We can all guess that this place is in the Soulard Neighborhood I’m sure.  This is my fifth trip to our little version of the French Quarter in St. Louis.  I used to while away many nights in Soulard in my younger years, but now that I’m old, I stay closer to home I suppose.  What makes a Soulard slinger genius is that if I lived there, I’d probably be hungover pretty frequently, and could just saunter down the street to the local place that has them.


Here's the place!

Welcome back!  It’s time for another trip into another place for another slinger.  This entry is a special one for me.

There were two things about this run that I’d never had the pleasure of before, the first was O’Fallon Brewery’s Hemp Hop Amber Rye Amber Ale and the other was my best friend’s new fiance.  I liked one a whole lot better than the other, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  So, needless to say I was pretty excited.  Since we were going to be spending the whole day together, I thought the best way to start the day was to introduce her to the St. Louis favorite, the slinger, and Chris wanted to try the beer…Hammerstone’s is one of the rare places that has both of these things.


This is a story from back in the before time; long, long ago.  It was requested that I post this one, so here it is:

Years ago, Chris and I used to go to Phelan’s on a weekly basis.  It was our home bar.  We both worked retail and we’d kick 10pm like 5pm for normal folks.  So, we’d head out and watch a game, play some tunes on the jukebox and put back three or four beers, or even get their $7.99 steak special, but I think I’m ahead of myself.


So, I was planning on making this entry tomorrow.  I figured after last night that I’d be sleeping way in today and wouldn’t have time.  It’s 8:45am and the rest of my wedding party doesn’t arrive at the house till 1pm.  I don’t have to start getting ready until 12pm…but I woke up at like 7am today…so…I’m full of nervous energy, so here we go.  Let’s relive last night shall we!



With my future father in law, though not so future now, in tow, I headed out on our next diner adventure. Being as the fiancee’s bridal shower was today, and was being held at his house, he decided it would be a great day for us to head out to a diner. He chose Billie’s Fine Foods. He’d been there before and it seemed like a very good idea. I really need to learn to stop letting him pick where we eat.