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The Corner Bar In Lemay, MO

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Faux dive, Karaoke, Lemay

On Friday night, a group of us when out to a place in Lemay called “The Corner Bar.” It’s a bar that does karaoke Thu-Sat. Our usual guy, Ali Baba, was out of the country. There does seem to be something weird about a Pakistani fellow going to Israel…but hey, he’s Ali Baba, and I don’t question him.

So, this place is run by an Elvis impersonator, Bryan something or other. He seemed a nice fellow at first and at middle. He started off by coming over and introducing himself to us, and asking if we were going to be singing. So that was nice. We were having a good time, and drinking…at least I think we were drinking… I’ll get to that in a minute…actually I’m REALLY getting ahead of myself here.

So, we’re in there, and the bar is in two rooms, the sports bar room and the karaoke room. There were four flat screen TVs playing a myriad of games in the place. Cards, Mizzou, and some random college football game. Nice. The bar was decorated very nicely as well. I bellied up to the bar, and ordered two bourbon and cokes. Got those, six bucks…not too bad. I was told the place was a bit pricey on rails, but that’s not bad at all, except they were lime flavored…tasted like lime. Couldn’t get rid of that taste.

So we switched drinks. Not cool. So eventually we kind of settled on what we were doing…just kept drinking anyway…drinking and drinking. Bar tab was about $40 when it was all said and done too…we never spend that much. We went through about 5 or 6 rounds, and I’m like 100% certain it was watered down. Seriously. I’m now calling it theoretical booze. My tolerance hadn’t gone up quite that much. Two nights previously I got pretty darned happy on 5 beers…so you do the math. We were F-I-N-E fine after that much…and all the drinks were priced differently..for rail drinks….?

Now the karaoke part of the evening…we were among the first people there, but it took about an hour for my first song to come up. Then the DJ started singing quite a bit…it culminated with him and a large fellow singing four songs in a row. At that point, we just had it. We left. It was so much fun till that point too. I really don’t understand the deal. We don’t really see ourselves frequenting this place. The drinks were more expensive, the DJ’s fun till he gets bored hearing other people sing…and well…the crowd was strange.

We may go there for an hour or two while waiting for River City Pub to clear out a bit, but that’s it.