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When beginning the post on this one, the last Friday in Lent before Good Friday it was hard to believe that this was only third post of this season. This is one of my favorite times of the year and my family loves going out for fish on Friday nights. So, this year was a bit disappointing that we have missed a couple. I may have to do something special to make up for that.

This is the first year of our travels were we didn’t create a week by week schedule two or three weeks before Lent started, so we’ve often times been at a loss this year when Friday rolled around, but I feel like we’re still doing well and going to places we’ve never visited, which is nice. We also had our first Fish Fail to go with the five or six slinger fails. All in all, aside from the plague that befell us, it’s been a pretty fun year, but my daughter now being old enough to say fish is yummy in my tummy as she eats it certainly helps!


It’s a little hard to believe that we are in Fish Fry season yet again. This is my fourth year blogging about fish frys as well.

First off, let me apologize for not having a review last week. I’m finding a surprising amount of people are growing to enjoy and rely on these reviews, so again, I am sorry, but last Friday was my anniversary and the in-laws had our daughter and to top that off, one of my best friends returned from his deployment in Afghanistan and we were celebrating that, so something had to go. It’s nothing personal Fish Fry, but you just got squeezed out because of all the stuff going on that particular day, but we’re back and better than ever!

To kick off our blogging tour, I started texting back and forth as to where we were going, but I kept getting shot down with “we’ve already been there.” When I solicited opinions on where we should go, the most common answers I get are a fish fry in the far flung suburbs or St. Cecelia. To be clear, we did St. Cecelia in the first  year our clan, back when the wife and I were not yet the wife and I, on our first fish fry tour. I understand that they put a great deal of effort into their Mexican foods, but I want fried fish, and theirs was boxed. So, I don’t want to return, but lots of people like it and that’s awesome.


Fish Fish Fish

Hello again. I have really been trying to have these out and ready before Friday morning, but I have routinely failed this Lenten season, and I’m sorry, but if you’re sitting at your desk wondering where you are going this week, hopefully my little corner of the internet will help you pick the right one for you.

As I’ve mentioned, I did not plan out our trips this year like I have in the past. In fact, I really have no idea where I am going tonight. I sent my mother in law a text yesterday to let her know that I hadn’t figured that out yet. So…I’ll work on that while I’m working on other things today and we’ll end up eating some fish.

This past week, we chose to stay in the City and hit up Our Lady of Sorrows in Princeton Heights. I saw a picture of it on the net and I was sure I had been there before, but it turns out that wasn’t correct, so our band of fish fry nomads piled into my little civic and we went to the place. Thankfully, someone else in the car knew where we were going, because I did not.



Found it.

Welcome back to the first Fish Fryday post of 2012! Around December I get to wondering how much longer until it’s Fish Fry season. This year it really seemed to fly on by.

Unfortunately, the Fish Fry Finder wasn’t up and running for me when I needed it to be, so I decided to head to an old place I frequented back in the before time when I lived in Affton, St. George. When I used to live in a house named after a German Scientist, I made the mistake once of walking all the way up there in some pretty wicked winds. I learned after that, drive up.  The people there were always nice and one of the volunteers always commented on my hockey jerseys…so that was nice.


It is that time.

Once again, it’s time for Lenten Fish Fries in St. Louis. This year things are a little bit different for our family, becasue we’re now bringing along a newborn baby, my daughter, along with us to the fish fries. She’s going to make these outings a bit more interesting this year and possibly a bit scarcer.  Because this time it was just my newclear family,my in-laws didn’t come along as they had other plans, we decided to stay close and we went to St. Agatha’s in Benton Park West.

As Friday Night Fish said, it was a little hard to find the entrance to the place, but I saw a couple of older gentlemen shlepping in some Polish beer, and I kind of thought they knew where to go…So I asked them and followed their directions down the tiny stairway into what also doubles as their coffee shop.


This past Friday, the wife and I went out on my Fish Fry hunt.  Even though the in laws were out of town, I was still hungry for some fish.  This week, we chose to go to a very highly regarded fish fry that’s actually in one of the Grand South Grand neighborhoods, Saint Pius V in Tower Grove East.

Here’s a little background, last year, during Lent I was going to stop by here and get some fish to take home.  My wife was sick and I was picking up some dinner for myself.  My blood sugar was low, and I was cranky.  After nearly getting into about three wrecks in the parking lot, and rushing through the rain trying to find the door to the fish fry, I was in an even worse mood.  Then I find the door and the place is just packed.  The line’s out the door, and hungry as I am, I just wasn’t going to stand in line when I could just go home and eat something right way.


So, again, I claimed that the Fish Fryday for this past week was canceled due to other things coming up, but then they changed and changed and changed and the next thing I knew I was sending out a text message to go get some fish.

This week, I chose a recommendation that I was given for a church in Boulevard Heights St. Louis, Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This place was nestled into a nice neighborhood on Blow St. and when we arrived, we were awed by the bigness of the complex they have at Immaculate Heart.  But, I could smell fish frying somewhere, so we knew we were in the right place.  As we followed an elder lady we then came across several children who: nearly knocked me down, yelled to their friends while standing right behind me, and played on the railings as though they were a jungle gym.  However, what was strange was, as soon as we got inside, there were no children at all acting up.


Well, here we are, another Fish Fryday has come and gone and I’m ready to give you the goods on another Fish Fry I attended in South St. Louis City.  I mentioned last week that there wouldn’t be a Fish Fryday Post this week, but luckily my lovely wife worked it out to where we were able to make it.

This week, we went to Epiphany Church and Bowling Alley in Lindenwood Park, St. Louis.  Have you ever seen a Church with a bowling alley in it?  I certainly had not, but at least I know of another place to bowl in the City now.


This past Friday, we went out for our next Fish Fryday adventure.  This is the only church this year of which we had any prior knowledge.  This was one of the first places we went to last year, before this was even a dream in anyone’s heads.

St. Stephens had a bit of an allure for me because as I learned on the forums, they served Schlafly with their fish.  So, again, I looked up where we were going instead of assuming I had a clue, but again, we had been there before, which really helps finding when you’re going.  So, I advise all my fellow fish fryday folks to google maps where you are going before you get into your car.  So, as we were walking in, my companion says, hey do you see him?


Another Friday and it’s time for another Fish Fry.  This week my companions and I chose to go to St. Joan of Arc’s School on Hampton and Pernod in the Northampton neighborhood.  I hope my epic failure at St. Gabriel’s isn’t on too many people’s minds….but it was on my mind.  So I decided to be a bit smarter on this topic this time.

We looked up where it was, and thankfully my wife knew where the hell we were going, which is great, because I did not!  She told me that we passed it all the time on Hampton.  She was sure of this.  I realized she was right when we were leaving as we did pass it every time we go to Long John Silvers for fish…yeah..I like fish…a lot…. So, this particular church was chosen during a discussion at the forums on because I was told that here, during their fish fry there’s free beer….