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Found it.

Hello again.  As any of my facebook friends, twitter followers, or blog readers will tell you, I’m always on the look out for new slingers.  It’s getting harder and harder to find them in new places, so on the advice of my friend Jess Luther, on Memorial Day I found myself at The Soulard Coffee Garden & Cafe.  We can all guess that this place is in the Soulard Neighborhood I’m sure.  This is my fifth trip to our little version of the French Quarter in St. Louis.  I used to while away many nights in Soulard in my younger years, but now that I’m old, I stay closer to home I suppose.  What makes a Soulard slinger genius is that if I lived there, I’d probably be hungover pretty frequently, and could just saunter down the street to the local place that has them.