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The Fridge.

Another day, and it’s another beer to talk about. This edition we’re going to be trying two very distinct and different beers:

Amarcord, produced by Birra Amarcord and Hoss by Great Divide.

We’re now trying to compare similar beers each go round, but as it turns out, these two beers are very unique, at least to us I suppose and we’re still novices here and trying to try every beer that can be tried!

We were out picking some beers last week and made some unique pick a sixes and I came home with the Hoss and Bob came home with the Italian Wine Ale . After tasting the Hoss I knew Bob had to try it, and after he tasted the Italian Wine Ale, he wanted me to try it…so here we have this edition of beer squared.


Beer Squared.

Welcome to the first edition of “Beer Squared.”  That other one, that was just a primer to get you all acquainted to the concept.  This is the first one.

I’m sure everyone remembers that we are going to sample a couple of beers and tell you what we each think of these beers.

For our first column we are trying Tripel by Great Divide and Rosey Nosey Holiday Ale by Bateman’s Brewery.

Tripel is a Belgian Wheat Ale and Rosey Nosey is an English Brown Ale.  This past soccer season, I discovered Newcastle Brown Ale and that really opened my eyes up to all sorts of new kinds of beer that I never thought I would touch before.  The word ale scared me.  What I didn’t know is that I hated porters and stouts, but not so much ales.