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The veritable institution.

Well, well, well.  Here we are again.  Once again, this is an establishment that I have been to in the past, and like last time, it’s been a very long time.  Once when I lived in the county I ate at this place, because the location in South County (now closed) wasn’t open late one night, so we headed to the Kingshighway location.

I wasn’t too impressed to be honest.  However, this was pre-slinger quest, this was pre-St. Louis City return, and pre a whole hell of a lot of other things.  I’d also heard tale that at Uncle Bills, they didn’t use hash browns, but breakfast potatoes, so that kept me from finally venturing out this way.  At last however, we made it out there.  I think from now on, I’m not going to see what ingredients they use before I go.  If it says slinger, I’m going to eat it eventually, because I think my preconceived notions are tainting things.


Another Friday and it’s time for another Fish Fry.  This week my companions and I chose to go to St. Joan of Arc’s School on Hampton and Pernod in the Northampton neighborhood.  I hope my epic failure at St. Gabriel’s isn’t on too many people’s minds….but it was on my mind.  So I decided to be a bit smarter on this topic this time.

We looked up where it was, and thankfully my wife knew where the hell we were going, which is great, because I did not!  She told me that we passed it all the time on Hampton.  She was sure of this.  I realized she was right when we were leaving as we did pass it every time we go to Long John Silvers for fish…yeah..I like fish…a lot…. So, this particular church was chosen during a discussion at the forums on because I was told that here, during their fish fry there’s free beer….