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Here we are.

It has certainly been longer than it should have been.  At least that’s really what it seems like to me.

For that, I’m all kinds of sorry, but things in my life have been pretty damned hectic lately, and finding time to get out and having a new slinger has just really been at a premium.  However, this past weekend, I got back out there  and had myself a slinger at the Jefferson Ave Bistro.

This was our second trip into the Gravois Park Neighborhood.  I thought we were off to Benton Park or Benton Park West, but apparently, we just were a little too far south for that, so I’m going to have to try a bit harder to get up there.  I’ve been to there before, but it’s been awhile and never for breakfast.  I even checked their menu to see if they have a slinger, and there’s not one listed there.


So, this morning, my faithful diner companion and I went off on our next adventure. I, searching for the next great slinger, and he, enjoying my company. We decided to head deep into the the heart of South St. Louis today at The Buttery Restaurant. Located on Grand Blvd in the neighborhood of Gravois Park, the Buttery has been located there next to the Blockbuster Video for as long as I can remember.

This place is very quaint, and very much like a diner of old.  I was expecting Mel and Flo to be working there, except we were there during the day.  I hadn’t been there in quite a few years.  I remember my mother, her then fiance and I made a trip to the Buttery once very, very late at  night.  I do not recommend this, unless things have changed since 1993.