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A couple of weeks back, after my wife and I had been out to a fish fry at St. Pius, we had gone out and were having a nice time, she says to me, are you hungry?  Well, I wasn’t starving but I surely could eat.  So she wants to know if I’d like to go get a slinger.  We then had a brief discussion about going right then, or going in the morning.  Was it going to be Hammerstones or City Diner?  At Diner, I could get the slinger right then, if Hammerstones, it’d have to be the next morning, and we’d have had to get up early!

So I chose The City Diner on South Grand Ave.

We used to eat there once or twice a week, but after time we started branching out and moving into new places and didn’t make it back to our diner so much anymore.  That’s too bad, because it was kind of a special place for us. A close friend of the family even has three or four of his paintings on the walls there.  The Elvis, the Marylin, and the Frankenstein are all Demetrie’s.  There’s also a picture of Marylin coming out of the pool on the roof. Seeing those always makes us think of him.