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This past Friday, the wife and I went out on my Fish Fry hunt.  Even though the in laws were out of town, I was still hungry for some fish.  This week, we chose to go to a very highly regarded fish fry that’s actually in one of the Grand South Grand neighborhoods, Saint Pius V in Tower Grove East.

Here’s a little background, last year, during Lent I was going to stop by here and get some fish to take home.  My wife was sick and I was picking up some dinner for myself.  My blood sugar was low, and I was cranky.  After nearly getting into about three wrecks in the parking lot, and rushing through the rain trying to find the door to the fish fry, I was in an even worse mood.  Then I find the door and the place is just packed.  The line’s out the door, and hungry as I am, I just wasn’t going to stand in line when I could just go home and eat something right way.