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Welcome to the first collaboration post in the slinger category. My good friend Joe decided that after sending me many pictures of slingers he wanted to go get one with me, and I needed work done on my car anyway…so here we are!

T.J.’s Diner

11690 Baptist Church Road

Sappington, MO

Joe: T.J.’s Diner is where I go when I’m too lazy to leave my South County neighborhood and drive (all the way) into the city to a Courtesy Diner.  Tucked away on Baptist Church Road in a building that looks like it may have been a Captain D’s or Long John Silver’s in a past life, you could drive right by T.J.’s Diner in South County and not even know you passed it.  The signage is very high up and hard to spot from the street.  But we locals know it’s there and the place is packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Owned by Pasta House.

It certainly has been a long time since I’ve told you about a slinger in St. Louis hasn’t it? You always get my standard apologies when it’s been awhile: I’m taking three classes at UMSL this semester, my daughter is now running and talking, and I’ve also begun a new blog on music.

I am sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog that people care about, but I do have a couple slinger tales for you now!

A couple weekends back, the family and I were at the Pink Flamingo Festival at City Garden. It was actually my first time going to City Garden and I just loved it. While we were out there, a man wearing a Pink Flamingo as a hat and cowel handed us a menu for a chili bar. Of course curiosity got the best of me and we were on our way to brunch.


Here we are.

I received an email from the former owner of Riverside Cafe. She wanted to let me know that she and her family were opening up a new restaurant and that she really wanted me to try her slinger. Her slinger was always one of my favorites and I was very sad to see her larger place go.

She was always very particular about her slingers. She was always very proud of them and did a very fine job with them. I was thinking about the fact that I’ve had the Riverside Cafe slinger about four times and just loved it each time. Could I review it again?



The Range

On a Friday evening that saw the Four Hands Brewery opening up for their soft opening, we ended up at Bailey’s Range. When we arrived at the Four Hands, we were informed that they had been out of Four Hands beer for over an hour. Well, we were disappointed but then we decided to hit up the Range.

Bob had told me that at the new Bailey’s restaurant was serving a slinger burger, and well I just had to try it. That was also kind of nice since we struck out on new local beer, I was happy to go to  the Range because it has 29 taps of local beers and I’ve not tried the vast majority of those beers.


Welcome back.

A friend of mine from out of town, Kalamzoo, MI to be exact, wanted to try her first slinger. She’d seen me eat a couple and she was finally ready to throw down.

Well, I had to think where could I take her that I knew would have a good slinger? Well, my first thought was to hit up The Buttery Restaurant..because it was good and I’ve just been wanting to get back there for quite awhile. Well, it turned out they were closed, so we ended up on the other side of Tower Grove Park to go to the Courtesy Diner Kingshighway, and it got me thinking about the time I did a quick update on the Chris’s Pancake House slinger…and how it had gotten pretty awful since I’d last had one.


The entry way.

My wife noticed that a slinger could be had at the 1904 Beerhouse.

OK, when are we going?

It has been too long since I have reviewed a slinger. If you saw me on HEC-TV,  you know that I realize this has been too long.

So, here we are and what was really delightful about this particular slinger run is that we had no kind of slinger fail, I enjoyed a wonderful beer with my slinger, and for those who have asked me about this in the past, I had a fried egg with my slinger. The menu listed it as fried, so I ordered a fried egg slinger.



Here we go.

I’ve been so busy with fish frys, steak sandwiches, beers, and other such nonsense, I didn’t realize I hadn’t gone out for a slinger in forever and a day. I looked back through my posts…it has been over two months since I’ve gone out to review a slinger. Who in the hell let me go two months without reviewing a slinger?

Oh well, let’s be on with it. The Piccadilly at Manhattan is just inside the St. Louis City limits in the Ellendale Neighborhood. There were signs all over the street saying “Ellendale welcomes you” so that’s good enough for me. They only do slingers during their Sunday Brunch…so I was concerned there may be a slinger fail…


The home of the pancakes.

So, I have never done this before, but I think I need to revisit Chris’s Pancake House.

Hopefully, someone who’s reading this will have read the original trip to Chris’s Pancake House. If not, just click there.

Their slinger was the gold standard of slingers for a very long time, until Big Ed’s Chili Mac, and aside from Courtesy Hampton, it was pretty much the only place I’ve ever gone for recreational slingers. As much as I love the dish, I try to only get them when I can blog about it…I mean…why waste a 3,000 calorie meal right?


The Slinger Casserole

Posted: April 25, 2011 in slinger, What the hell?

Putting on the chef's hat.

Sometime last year…I was told that since I have such ideas as to what a perfect slinger should be…I should make one myself and blog about that….well…I’m no good at making hash browns…just can’t do it…so that idea is basically nixed. However, this is about as close as I’m going to come that until such time as I learn how to properly make hash browns, or I’d have to admit that my slinger sucked.

So, this thing started last year. My wife and I do Easter at her aunt and uncle’s house each year and we bring donut holes. Well…I wanted to something more ambitious than that as most of the dishes at Easter are casseroles or desserts. Well, my wife says, you could make a slinger casserole….


Murdoch Perk

With all the beer talk, the Poutine, the Potato Chips, I wonder if anybody has forgotten that we still love the slinger here at the 13 Blog…

Of course not…so here we go one more time. Thanks to a reader, we were going to head to the Southtown Pub for their Sunday Brunch Slinger…well…we couldn’t get one, due to their stopping…so…quickly we had to dig up a replacement plan. We ended up choosing another reader suggested establishment, Murdoch Perk in The Southampton on the corner of Murdoch and Macklind.  I was told of their “Hungryman” which is a slinger without a meat patty. Well, I was pretty sure I could put a meat patty on there and turn their hungry man into a slinger.