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Now you know where we went.

So, I know you’ve seen this photo before, so let me explain.  This is the newest series on the the 13 Blog.  The Sling Up!  Every three months or so, I’m going to do this.  I’m going to get together a few folks who like slingers, and take them to a place that I thought prepared a wonderful slinger.

For this particular event, I went back to the Riverside Cafe for their slinger.  I brought my old friend Jamie, Phil Novara,  Heather, and Dave.  Since I know a few of them from Twitter and I had to name this silly thing, we’re going with “sling up” as though this was a tweet up.


This afternoon, my faithful companion and I went on our next attempt to find the perfect slinger. He never eats one, but watches me as I do, and sometimes, he even pays! So, we ended up somewhere a bit different this time. It was nothing like every other place we’ve been. This place was an honest restaurant. It wasn’t a diner; it wasn’t a greasy spoon. I think they even had healthy things on the menu.

How was it you ask?