St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger #34: Bailey’s Range

Posted: November 29, 2011 in slinger, slinger burger, STL: Downtown
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The Range

On a Friday evening that saw the Four Hands Brewery opening up for their soft opening, we ended up at Bailey’s Range. When we arrived at the Four Hands, we were informed that they had been out of Four Hands beer for over an hour. Well, we were disappointed but then we decided to hit up the Range.

Bob had told me that at the new Bailey’s restaurant was serving a slinger burger, and well I just had to try it. That was also kind of nice since we struck out on new local beer, I was happy to go to  the Range because it has 29 taps of local beers and I’ve not tried the vast majority of those beers.

Even though the wife and I got lost around downtown and couldn’t quite find the place….we arrived before the large dinner rush got crazy and we had a nice table on the top floor of the establishment and we had a nice view of the downstairs.

We perused the menu, as I thought the slinger was a breakfast only item, and as I said I don’t know what I’m getting, Bob said matter of factly, you’re getting the slinger! Well ok, that was easy wasn’t it? Now we came to the hard part…choosing a beer!

For all the of the great new microbreweries, I’ve had about nothing. So, it took me a little bit to find the right beer to enjoy with my slinger burger. In the end, I chose a Six Row Douple IPA, as I just love those, and I certainly was not disappointed with that choice.

Well, this is a slinger post, not a beer post…back on track!

The Slinger.

First of all, let me apologize for the quality of the photos…I didn’t have my proper camera with me and our cell phones couldn’t get any good pics in the place.

As you can see, it’s a slinger burger and I ate it as such. Instead of hash browns, it had fries along with the normal toppins of a burger…let’s go from the bottom up!

Hash browns: Well, since these were fries, it’s hard to give a proper score here, but the fries were just fine, but not as crispy as I’d have liked. Perhaps the chili got to them?

Meat Patty: As this was a Bailey’s place, the burger patty was just phenomenal. I had no complaints with this burger at all.

Slinger and beer.

Chili: Here was my biggest problem with their offering. The chili seemed pretty bland to me. I’d have liked some chili with more pop than this. So many places use lackluster chili, and that puts a big crimp on their slinger.

Eggs: As you can plainly see, this slinger came with a fried egg on top, and anyone who’s read this blog before today knows that I’m no fan of fried eggs on my slingers. The “egg gravy” did get all over everything, including my hands.

Toppins: Now, here it gets a little big fun! Aside from the onions, I also had lettuce, tomatoes, and a pickle! I didn’t eat the lettuce or the tomatoes, but I did use the onions, too few, and loved the pickle. This should be a standing side to slingers. A pickle. I do also have to mention, no cheese! A nice and thick slice of cheddar cheese would have done wonders. I was also given my choice of sauces, and I chose their chipotle ketchup…and I have to honestly say that I didn’t taste anything remotely like chipotle in that sauce.

Sum Up: As far as slinger burgers go, and this is number three, this one is the best because the burger patty was the best, but I’d prefer an over easy egg, for ease and cleanliness of eating, instead of the sunny side up and just a better chili.

However, one can’t deny the awesomeness that is the Bailey’s restaurants.



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