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Wheat Ales

We’re giving another go to wheat beers while the weather is warm, but instead of the lagers we did last time, we’re going with top fermented ales. While Bob and I (mostly Bob) were grilling up some burgers in the backyard, we began our tasting.

I have to say, pairing wheat beers with being outside in the summer time is a winning combination.¬† This time we tried offerings from some very good breweries: Goose Island, Pyramid, and Bell’s Brewing.

Even though these three beers were all ales, they still had very yellow colors and did well even in the nastiness of St. Louis Summer. On a personal note, I still have ¬†bias against wheat beers. I’m not sure why as I’ve enjoyed many of them. So I really enjoyed this round because once again, I had to face my biases head on.