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Found it.

Welcome back to the first Fish Fryday post of 2012! Around December I get to wondering how much longer until it’s Fish Fry season. This year it really seemed to fly on by.

Unfortunately, the Fish Fry Finder wasn’t up and running for me when I needed it to be, so I decided to head to an old place I frequented back in the before time when I lived in Affton, St. George. When I used to live in a house named after a German Scientist, I made the mistake once of walking all the way up there in some pretty wicked winds. I learned after that, drive up.  The people there were always nice and one of the volunteers always commented on my hockey jerseys…so that was nice.



Another week of Lenten Fish Frys has come and gone, and with it, another Friday morning where I was choosing where we were going. After last week’s veto, I’ve gotten a bit off of my schedule, and I also didn’t know there was another week of Lent that I wasn’t expecting…oh well…so it goes.

After a morning spent scrambling and scrambling, we ended up deciding on the Basilica in the Central West End. I’d read a review or two on the place, and based on that, I wasn’t terribly excited about going there for their fish, but my family was exciting about possibly seeing the collection of Mosaic Art.

I was also a bit curious to see how this church would do a fish fry. Normally we go to Joe Average church and get some fish, sometimes tasty, sometimes not, but this is the big dog of all the St. Louis Catholic Churches…


Oh yes it is that time.

Well, it was the second Friday of Lent and my family and I were ready to eat another big steaming plate of fried fish. With out of town guests, I was told to make sure I picked a good one…so I decided this was a good weekend to revisit the scene of epic failure last year…
St. Gabes…

This time, like last time, we all were arriving in separate cars, but I wasn’t tasked in finding the proper line…this was a good thing. As we arrived, we noticed that we were waiting outside the door…in the playround of the school. Oh well…I then had to run back to the car to get my wife’s hoody…she didn’t want to be cold and I really couldn’t blame her for that and she’s been a trooper with the fish frys and my insanity…I feel for my daughter. There was a very long line, I seemed to recall last year that the fish was pretty good as well. We another obstacle th is time…: our stroller, so going up and down all those steps with baby girl in it  wasn’t going to be all that easy, but we made due.