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16, 17, 18, and 19. 20 not pictured.

When working out our schedule for what we’re going to review and the 80-some beers that are always waiting to be reviewed, I received a bottle of Deschutes Black Butte Porter in the mail, which bumped it up to the front of the line.

This is our first go with porters which were originally the working man’s beer. I’m going to apologize to our readers, as three out five of these beers are not available in St. Louis. I brought back a couple from Western New York and Bob brought one back from San Francisco….of course now Kona Pipeline Porter is probably available since I’m refusing to check…

So, this go round we have another five beers to go through and it’s a very nice mix of breweries. Deschutes, who just came to St. Louis, Yuengling, the nation’s oldest brewery, Great Lakes, who needs to come to St. Louis soon, Kona Brewing from Hawaii, and Dundee, one of our personal favorites who gets no love.



As we move along with these tastings…I’m often times amused by how much my tastes in beer have changed…even from just a couple years ago. ┬áThe idea of drinking anything with the word ale attached to it…nope…would never think of it and if put in front of me…would never drink one. In those days, bitter was way to describe a beer I didn’t like. I look back and giggle. I was even run out of a beer forum because I wasn’t snobby enough. Oh well, things have changed and I love a good bitter beer and even very dark beers. I’m at the point now where I like every kind of beer… This go round, we’re checking out some very, very dark beers…a couple porters and a stout. (Yes, it’ s not entirely fair, but hey, we’re amateurs and we’re limited based on what’s in the fridge.)