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Pale Ales

We went down to the fridge to pick out a few beers after our trip to the Japanese Festival and the Greek Festival…yeah we had a bit of a day and we figured ending it with beer was the only way to end it.

So, you may have noticed that we started with two beers, then three, then moved to four, and now this time we’re dealing with five different beers. Yeah…that’s a lot of beers. I guess what I’m saying is that the number of beers that we’ll be doing each time isn’t static, but fluid.

There were just a lot of beers down there that have been building up as blogging beers. So, we picked out a nice selection of Pale Ales. From local, to the North, and to the West Coast, we chose some very interesting beers.

Bob:┬áToday we are drinking five Pale Ales made in the USA, ranging from very early efforts in the craft beer movement to some newer examples. Let’s get to it!