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Let's do this.

Hello again, my friends. It has been awhile since I’ve been out and about looking for a slinger, but we hit the road one more time.  This time, there was a third person who came along.  St. Louis Public Radio chose to do a sonic ID on me.  So, sometime next year, you’ll hear my dulcet tones talking about slingers on NPR…nutty ain’t it?!  I’m still pretty surprised by the whole thing, but it’s another awesome thing I can say that blogging has helped me achieve.  Apparently, Adam Alington reads my blog!  Thanks Adam!!!


Here we are.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  I mean, a quick perusal of the Tin Can’s menu will show that they don’t even serve breakfast, much less a slinger.  On top of that, they don’t even open up before lunch time, so what am I doing here??

Well, for the duration of the World Cup, the Tin Can is opening up at 6:30am daily and serving a pretty full breakfast menu, including the World Cup Slinger.  I love the Tin Can and it made me glad I could get out there and check their slinger.


The sign.

Welcome to the newest installment on The 13 Blog! As you can see, we’ve moved over to a WordPress.  After doing some work on The ACSTL Fanatic I really began to enjoy it, so I swapped it over here too!

Well, without any further ado, let’s get it on!

So, I got a picture message on my phone about three weeks ago.  It was a picture of the Three Monkeys Menu showing a slinger, at least that’s what I found it out it was after confirming…it was a bad picture.  The sender’s not a good phonetographer like me.  So, the date was decided upon, and out we went!


So, I was planning on making this entry tomorrow.  I figured after last night that I’d be sleeping way in today and wouldn’t have time.  It’s 8:45am and the rest of my wedding party doesn’t arrive at the house till 1pm.  I don’t have to start getting ready until 12pm…but I woke up at like 7am today…so…I’m full of nervous energy, so here we go.  Let’s relive last night shall we!


On Sunday, the fiancee and I were driving down to the Bevo Neighborhood to visit our friends’ new baby. On our way down there, we saw a few great bars that the 13 Blog had to check out in the very near future. Well, the first one we got to was Colorado Bob’s Ship of Fools. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a great picture of the front of the place, but I did my best!!

When we parked the car and took a look around, the bar’s in what looks to be and old storefront…or perhaps a couple of them.  This gives a unique look and feel to the place.

The first thing you see here is their beer sign.  As you can plainly see, this is a horrid, nasty beer.  I can’t even imagine what Busch Bavarian Style Beer would taste like on draft.  As we discussed in this post, one of the great signs for a good dive is a bad beer sign.

(more…) this was the second time we’ve gone to the trivia there, let me say, I’m a bit loathe to say where it was…as my wacky internet pull will make it the hot spot on Morgan Ford now.. The first time…we had a lot of fun. Cheap drinks, fun trivia, goofy bartender, baseball on the tube.

Their trivia system is based off a wager. You gamble how many points you feel comfortable on the question. Very cool really. It does, however, come back to bite you in the shorts. So…last night…out of five rounds, we literally missed THREE questions. However, with poor wagering…that put us in the doghouse. Granted, the winning team did literally get EVERY FUCKING QUESTION RIGHT!!! Which is totally not cool, but we placed FIFTH!

Only missed three questions and we placed fifth.

Oh well. Not next week, but the week after we’ll try it again. I want those damned bar dollars.