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The beer fest is a big deal for me. Not as much as it used to be, back when Chris was in town, but it’s still a lot of fun. Actually, this is only second one I’ve gone to since 2005, when he moved to Joliet. Still…gotta rally up the troops and hit it.
Beer book, beer glass, beer wristband. Let’s get some beer.

I wore my Meatwad T-shirt for two reasons:

1) AKV doesn’t like it when I wear this shirt, and she wasn’t goiing.
2) It says what was planning on doing.

Due to reading about Prohibition in St. Louis, seeing this brand, and remembering about what they did during Prohibition made me want to try their beer. However, it’s just the name, not even the original recipe, and it was horrible.
In the early years of going to beer fests, we would always forget what really tasty things we had tried. There are a still a couple that still haunt me. There was another that we found nearly half a decade later. In 2009, however, with the advent of good quality picture phones, we shan’t forget! So, after Heather tasted this, she demanded I go photograph it. So I did. This stuff is awesome as well.
The fellows who make Scrumpys, also make this, not quite as good, but still very tasty.
Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square is just an awesome place. This was the first time I saw them at one of the beer festivals, so I took a picture of their sign. Whatever you do though, get their beer sampler, and don’t get their fish sandwich.
These are ingredients for ancient barley hops grain juice. Gods bless those Egyptians.

We ran into Eric here. I haven’t seen him in a bit, and was drunk, and couldn’t remember his name right away, thankfully, he could introduce himself.
Gods love you, FDR.
At this point, I was just taking photos of things.
We also ran into our old friend Ryan and his lady. We hadn’t seen him in a couple years, so it was really cool running into him.
Another awesome sign.
This just made me giggle…no more…no less.
Drunk, reading about prohibition, had cash in my pocket…yeah…I got it.
If this isn’t the greatest car ever, then cars don’t exist.
Since we were going out after the beer fest, it was required I change shirts..