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JG2I was calmly reading my email when i discovered that I had been invited to a media event regarding this particular restaurant in West County of all places.

After thinking about it thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that as I do love steak and I do love seafood…I realized I would be a fool to pass on this opportunity.

Thankfully, I’m pleased this was the route I took.

As long time readers will certainly realize, there is nothing about J. Gilberts in and of itself that would have drawn me in. Obviously, it’s not in St. Louis City. It’s a corporate chain. It’s also in a mall.


Mres_SALUTE_bottleAwhile back an email arrived to me asking if I would be interested in checking out a new vodka called Salute American. Needless to say, this was a very surprising email. As has been well documented, I’m not really a vodka drinker. I believe that most people would know that I drink bourbon. I drink Scotch. And I drink beer. Hmm. I think I should write a song about that.

In fact, when I told my wife I was doing this post, she said what do you know about vodka? Me? not a whole to be perfectly honest, but I know what I like, but there was a time in the past when I drank a fair number of martinis and I definitely enjoy a spicy bloody mary from time to time.

What struck me about this group is that they are donating proceeds to causes that support returning veterans. This is something that is very near and dear to me. One of my closest friends, is a two time combat veteran who just returned home from Afghanistan last month. You may have read my being a bit weepy about it on twitter..sorry for any embarrassing drunk tweets but we drank a lot.


The Slinger Casserole

Posted: April 25, 2011 in slinger, What the hell?

Putting on the chef's hat.

Sometime last year…I was told that since I have such ideas as to what a perfect slinger should be…I should make one myself and blog about that….well…I’m no good at making hash browns…just can’t do it…so that idea is basically nixed. However, this is about as close as I’m going to come that until such time as I learn how to properly make hash browns, or I’d have to admit that my slinger sucked.

So, this thing started last year. My wife and I do Easter at her aunt and uncle’s house each year and we bring donut holes. Well…I wanted to something more ambitious than that as most of the dishes at Easter are casseroles or desserts. Well, my wife says, you could make a slinger casserole….


The taste of the heartland...

If you live in or around St. Louis, MO…I am sure that these chips have been eaten by you.

It’s damned near impossible to escape them. Not only that, but they continually make new flavors. Just last week, I noticed Pork Steak BBQ flavored Riplets. All their chips are riplets…Cheesey Riplets…Red Hot Riplets…BBQ Riplets…then they’ve also got a line of corn chips, cheetos like snacks, and all sorts of other things. Well, the BBQ Pork Steak Chips got me to thinking…and then it was time to begin talking about potato chips here at the 13 Blog.


Taken at a jewelry store in London, ON.

I’ve been someone who’s admired our friends in the Great White North for many a year. It started when I didn’t know that I was watching Canadian Television on Nickelodeon…Fifteen, You Can’t Do That On Television, Degrassi Junior High, SCTV, Kids In The Hall…then I got older and became a serious hockey fan, and that just made it worse.

I’ve been a hockey fan for years and years. For awhile, I used to buy the NHL Center Ice package on Dish Network. Then I’d watch every Canadian broadcast I could find. In doing this, I saw about a thousand commercials for places like Boston Pizza, Pizza Pizza, and Tim Hortons. So for years I’ve had these images swimming in my head…Poutine…Tim Hortons…and I’d never had them…then having Canadian clients talk about them…it just made me want them even more than I already did…well I was up in and about Ontario this past winter…


Yes I watch Glee.

It was suggested that I begin branching out on things. So, I guess in the loosest sense I’m a food blogger…so I’m going to continue to talk about food, beverages and that sort of stuff. So let me set the stage for this one…during the first month of the baby, we’re living with our in laws to make our transition easier. They drink ONLY decaf. So…my mother in law says to me…Nik, you can make single servings in our espresso maker. Well, after my time as a barista (back back in the way back…), I can work an espresso machine. I didn’t know about using one to make a single cup of normal coffee…but it’s their machine I thought they knew what they were doing. So…I really wanted a coffee.

Well my preferred brand is White Castles Brand Coffee….(seriously…that and Tim Hortons). Well I bring over my coffee and we start…well it came out as White Castles espresso…and not coffee…I know this sounds perfectly logical, but you’ve probably already had your coffee at the time you’ve read this…I hadn’t. I assumed they meant make a cup of coffee…so I did what any good decaffeinated caffeine addict would…


The Tomko Special

Posted: January 13, 2011 in What the hell?
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OK…this has nothing to do with anything that I’m a part of. I was tooling around on twitter again, and I cam across this post.  In it, Michael Tomko describes his version of the Lions Choice roast beef sammich.

Well…I had to give it a try.  I wanted a special lunch today to give me a pick me up, and there’s Lion’s Choice nearby. So….