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Another week of Lenten Fish Frys has come and gone, and with it, another Friday morning where I was choosing where we were going. After last week’s veto, I’ve gotten a bit off of my schedule, and I also didn’t know there was another week of Lent that I wasn’t expecting…oh well…so it goes.

After a morning spent scrambling and scrambling, we ended up deciding on the Basilica in the Central West End. I’d read a review or two on the place, and based on that, I wasn’t terribly excited about going there for their fish, but my family was exciting about possibly seeing the collection of Mosaic Art.

I was also a bit curious to see how this church would do a fish fry. Normally we go to Joe Average church and get some fish, sometimes tasty, sometimes not, but this is the big dog of all the St. Louis Catholic Churches…


Ok, aside from a trip to Abslutli Goosed the night before, The 13 Blog wouldn’t be caught dead in a Vodka or Martini Bar.  That’s just not how we roll here.  The idea of paying $8 or more for a drink, well we find that a bit distasteful.  However, some very good people made a very convincing argument to get me out to Sub Zero Vodka Bar.

Andrew Veety runs a blog where he’s now on a quest for St. Louis’s


All I can say right now is this is how I feel: A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse! If you’re a faithful reader of this fanciful adventure through St. Louis searching for slingers, you know that I’ve hit a run of bad luck.

This week it continued.  The reason why the slinger runs were so close together is because I haven’t had a good one in a couple trips and I really, really want to eat a tasty slinger.  So, my father in law and I set up the time and date as I’m getting off of a plane from Mexico, the wife thought I