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Another lunch on a Saturday and another trip to get a steak sandwich. I really can’t help but feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve had a tasty, tasty steak sandwich.

This time we ended up at Biggies just kind of by happenstance. Like most instances in this column, my wife, my daughter, and myself were out running errands at we all got hungry. So, as we were driving down Chippewa St., I said I was hungry and that we should go to Biggies. I think I have been to this establishment about five or six times…most times with my mother and father in law. In fact, she called while we were waiting for our food and was a bit disappointed that we were eating there without her!


Well, here we are, another Fish Fryday has come and gone and I’m ready to give you the goods on another Fish Fry I attended in South St. Louis City.  I mentioned last week that there wouldn’t be a Fish Fryday Post this week, but luckily my lovely wife worked it out to where we were able to make it.

This week, we went to Epiphany Church and Bowling Alley in Lindenwood Park, St. Louis.  Have you ever seen a Church with a bowling alley in it?  I certainly had not, but at least I know of another place to bowl in the City now.