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The Place.

Another day out and about with my wife and daughter found me going back to the Lafayette Fire Company No 1.

Originally, we were going to eat some tacos at Esquina de Sabor on Cherokee St, but the rainy weather kind of put the kabosh on that…so instead we headed up to Lafayette Square to get our lunch.

A quick perusal of their menu showed the steak sandwich on the menu, and even though I’d had two other steak sandwiches that week, I thought a third was in order! I’d been there in the past to have their slinger, but that had been quite some time ago and I really didn’t look at their menu all that closely, so it was a happy surprise.


An unusually warm January morning in St. Louis made the perfect backdrop to go looking for the perfect slinger.

Before I really get into this, have you noticed the tags on the right hand side of the screen?  When I do a review post, I put in the tags, the neighborhood of where the place is.  In the future, perhaps in about a year or so, there will be so many neighborhoods listed it’ll be so cool, I think.  Remember this blog is about the city proper first and foremost.  So, I’m trying to move around neighborhoods right now.  I noticed I’ve been downtown like 3 times, and to Soulard a couple times, so I’m making a concerted effort to move around the city, at least South St. Louis.