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Fish Fish Fish

Hello again. I have really been trying to have these out and ready before Friday morning, but I have routinely failed this Lenten season, and I’m sorry, but if you’re sitting at your desk wondering where you are going this week, hopefully my little corner of the internet will help you pick the right one for you.

As I’ve mentioned, I did not plan out our trips this year like I have in the past. In fact, I really have no idea where I am going tonight. I sent my mother in law a text yesterday to let her know that I hadn’t figured that out yet. So…I’ll work on that while I’m working on other things today and we’ll end up eating some fish.

This past week, we chose to stay in the City and hit up Our Lady of Sorrows in Princeton Heights. I saw a picture of it on the net and I was sure I had been there before, but it turns out that wasn’t correct, so our band of fish fry nomads piled into my little civic and we went to the place. Thankfully, someone else in the car knew where we were going, because I did not.




Another week of Lenten Fish Frys has come and gone, and with it, another Friday morning where I was choosing where we were going. After last week’s veto, I’ve gotten a bit off of my schedule, and I also didn’t know there was another week of Lent that I wasn’t expecting…oh well…so it goes.

After a morning spent scrambling and scrambling, we ended up deciding on the Basilica in the Central West End. I’d read a review or two on the place, and based on that, I wasn’t terribly excited about going there for their fish, but my family was exciting about possibly seeing the collection of Mosaic Art.

I was also a bit curious to see how this church would do a fish fry. Normally we go to Joe Average church and get some fish, sometimes tasty, sometimes not, but this is the big dog of all the St. Louis Catholic Churches…


It is that time.

Once again, it’s time for Lenten Fish Fries in St. Louis. This year things are a little bit different for our family, becasue we’re now bringing along a newborn baby, my daughter, along with us to the fish fries. She’s going to make these outings a bit more interesting this year and possibly a bit scarcer. ┬áBecause this time it was just my newclear family,my in-laws didn’t come along as they had other plans, we decided to stay close and we went to St. Agatha’s in Benton Park West.

As Friday Night Fish said, it was a little hard to find the entrance to the place, but I saw a couple of older gentlemen shlepping in some Polish beer, and I kind of thought they knew where to go…So I asked them and followed their directions down the tiny stairway into what also doubles as their coffee shop.