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And again and again.

Well, let me apologize for the lateness of this post! With moving stuff around, the new baby, and forgetting to get the pix off of my camera for three consecutive days…it gummed up the works…so better late than never eh? Life is just very, very hectic these days. I was told many times, but having a baby is quite an adjustment.

Anyway…this past weekend, it was just myself, my wife and our daughter again. The in-laws  had another high fallootin’ symphony to attend….(Note: I really miss attending the symphony at Powell Symphony Hall.)

We have been sticking to the schedule I made at the beginning of the Lenten season and we loaded up the car and headed off to St. James the Greater in the Dogtown section of the Clayton-Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis City.  This was a fish fry of that I had zero knowledge of. Often times I’ll have heard something about what they serve, or their niche, and in some cases what beer they sell, but here we were cruising into the great unknown.


Last weekend, Bob and I visited Pat’s Bar and Grill in the Clayton/Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis.  This bar was located in the Dogtown section of Clayton/Tamm on Oakland Ave.  This was the first bar and grill on the Slinger tour of St. Louis.  Up till this one, we’d only been going to diners or hole in the wall restaurants.  We realized that we were quickly running out of dives and diners to go to in the City Limits of St. Louis, so we’re now opening up to the bars that permeate our fair city.

When he was in college, he and his buddies wanted to go on a Pub Tour of all of them, but they quickly found out that there were over 1100 pubs in the city.  So that didn’t work out so well for them, but they did make a valiant effort he says.