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Our Belgian friends.

Once again it’s time to take a look at a few more beers, but before we get to this one, let’s back up a bit. Bob has been telling me all about Duvel beers for, well the entire time I’ve known him, but until last year, the term ale has turned me off of it and I didn’t want to try it considering the cost involved in a four pack of Duvel Golden Ale. Well, Father’s day was this year, and a pack of Duvel may have made it’s way into Bob’s hands from the wife and myself…so now, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have to feel guilty! Score.

We did blonde ales. These are a light variation on pale ale, often made with pilsner malt.Some beer writers regard blonde and golden ales as distinct styles, while others do not. Duvel is the archetypal Belgian blonde ale, and one of the most popular bottled beers in the country as well as being well-known internationally. (source)