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So, as we set out on what was to become the The 13th Slinger Review for the 13 Blog, I reflected a little bit as to where this silly blog has gone. I’m really proud of where we’re headed here and I want to thank all of my loyal readers, who seem to be growing. I wanted this day to be special. So, we headed towards the Goody Goody Diner in North St. Louis City…but as you can plainly see…that wasn’t to be the case.  They closed at 2pm, which is when we arrived….

So, after a nice self guided tour of North St. Louis, we ended up at the Courtesy Diner on Hampton Ave.


Last weekend, Bob and I visited Pat’s Bar and Grill in the Clayton/Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis.  This bar was located in the Dogtown section of Clayton/Tamm on Oakland Ave.  This was the first bar and grill on the Slinger tour of St. Louis.  Up till this one, we’d only been going to diners or hole in the wall restaurants.  We realized that we were quickly running out of dives and diners to go to in the City Limits of St. Louis, so we’re now opening up to the bars that permeate our fair city.

When he was in college, he and his buddies wanted to go on a Pub Tour of all of them, but they quickly found out that there were over 1100 pubs in the city.  So that didn’t work out so well for them, but they did make a valiant effort he says.