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The Flight.

Welcome to the first edition of Small Batch Flights!

Just as with the next one, I am talking about a brew pub that’s not anywhere near St. Louis. My first edition of “Small Batch Flights” comes from Ellicotville, NY nearly 900 miles east of home.

While on my recent trip to Buffalo, NY to visit my buddy, he took me way out to the little ski village of Ellicotville because he said this brewpub was just great. He had a growler of their stout in the fridge, and we did drink that all up, and I have to say that it was quite good.

So, I was a bit excited to check out the place after we arrived. Aside from my beers, I had a very nice fried fish sandwich…the same thing I had when I was up in Burlington, ON for a call…I really like fish.