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63, 64, 65, 66, and 67.

We decided that for lager posts, we’ll do five beers and for heavier beers, we’ll do four, but there is far too much beer to plow through right now and we didn’t really have anywhere to go…so we got out five very different stouts and headed upstairs to enjoy them.

Bob: While official beer tasting judges may categorize these stouts into several categories, we chose (due to budget, time and other constraints) to sample all beers labeled stouts together, regardless of alcohol content (imperial, etc.) or composition (oatmeal, bourbon aging, etc.). That certainly makes for a more diverse gouping, but it’s only one reason we found a remarkable range of flavors and effects, with brews differing wildly, in this tasting session. Most differences were due to the brewer’s choices of ingredients and brewing methods. Following our usual method, we sampled these stouts in order of ABV, from lowest to highest.



As we move along with these tastings…I’m often times amused by how much my tastes in beer have changed…even from just a couple years ago. ┬áThe idea of drinking anything with the word ale attached to it…nope…would never think of it and if put in front of me…would never drink one. In those days, bitter was way to describe a beer I didn’t like. I look back and giggle. I was even run out of a beer forum because I wasn’t snobby enough. Oh well, things have changed and I love a good bitter beer and even very dark beers. I’m at the point now where I like every kind of beer… This go round, we’re checking out some very, very dark beers…a couple porters and a stout. (Yes, it’ s not entirely fair, but hey, we’re amateurs and we’re limited based on what’s in the fridge.)