Part 12 Of The Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Pats Bar & Grill

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Dogtown, slinger, STL: Clayton/tamm
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Last weekend, Bob and I visited Pat’s Bar and Grill in the Clayton/Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis.  This bar was located in the Dogtown section of Clayton/Tamm on Oakland Ave.  This was the first bar and grill on the Slinger tour of St. Louis.  Up till this one, we’d only been going to diners or hole in the wall restaurants.  We realized that we were quickly running out of dives and diners to go to in the City Limits of St. Louis, so we’re now opening up to the bars that permeate our fair city.

When he was in college, he and his buddies wanted to go on a Pub Tour of all of them, but they quickly found out that there were over 1100 pubs in the city.  So that didn’t work out so well for them, but they did make a valiant effort he says.

This was also our first trip to the West Side of St. Louis.  I’m trying to get around to all 79  neighborhoods in St. Louis, or as many of them as I can as long as this continues.  Clayton/Tamm is where the Blues used to play at the old St. Louis Arena, and it’s part of Dogtown, which is very densely populated by bars and restaurants.

They also have a very, very special St. Patrick’s Day and  Mardi Gras parades during the proper seasons.

We went on a Sunday early afternoon to this little gem in West St. Louis City.  I have to say I was really pleased with the way things looked. On the front of the building, they are still using the very classic, and oft forgotten Budweiser signs.  I can remember a time when those were just every where.  Now they’re very classic.  They were doing a bustling business that morning.  It looked like there were a great number of folks who had just gotten out of Church.

After we arrived, we sat ourselves.  There wasn’t a sign or anything, that’s just apparently how they do it there.  So, we had a seat and we looked over the menu, and there it was on the back, “Pat’s Irish Slinger.”  Well, I was really beginning to wonder what would make this an Irish Slinger, and to be honest, I don’t know that I ever figured that out, but what the hey right?  We’re trying them all!

I’ve begun to take notice that places really like to name their slinger after themselves. The White Knight’s Super Slinger, the 12th Street Diner Slinger, and my personal favorite: Chris’s Pancake House’s “Top of the  Hill.”

So, here at Pat’s, it’s the Irish Slinger.  Ok, you’re an Irish establishment and I get that.  You’re proud of that, and I get that too.  (Though, being of Noble Scottish descent I wish there was another Scottish place aside from the Scottish Arms, which is pricey!!)  Bob actually mentioned to me, since they have an Irish Slinger, The Scottish Arms should have a Scottish Slinger, but so far no dice, and probably it’d be about $15 or more anyway.

What can really be said about this place?  It really seems like the kind of place I could go and enjoy a drink or a meal.  They’ve been around quite a bit and on our cups, that we got to keep, it mentioned they were a Highway Forty Survivor.  Well I think that is just awesome, as a person who had to duck around that ten mil stretch of road for two years, I’m with ya Pat.  All of us in St. Louis are thrilled that this horrible thing is over.  We talked a bit about restaurants that felt the squeeze as we were on our way back home.

Even though Pat’s has a full menu, do not be misinformed, they are a full bar.  Looking over the beer selection though, I don’t know that they could ever be my bar, even though the place is fairly close to my house.  They have the very nice beer selection, a lot like Rileys.  (Rileys is another Irish Pub that’s very close to our house that we go to for pizzas on Mondays and Tuesdays during their half off special.)

It seems that a lot of places in St. Louis that have really good beer selections, more than 10, seem to have great selections of beer that I do not enjoy.

Oh well.  We weren’t here today for beer anyway, but we were here to enjoy a slinger!

Alright!  Now take a look at this bad mother!  It was piled very high on my plate.  I was very hungry, so this was going to be good.  They put shredded cheese all over this one.  I think that was mozzarella cheese, which strangely enough, worked REALLY well.  Being as American cheese slices underneath the patties works just as well, why not good quality cheese no?

What I have noticed over t he course of pursuing the perfect slinger in St. Louis is that I really prefer the ones that are prepared with beef patties instead of sausage patties.

Here at Pat’s, theirs is made with sausage patties, but I just loved this one.  My usual complaint that there were not enough onions does hold true, but honestly, excepting Chris’s Pancake House, nobody has ever used enough onions, so what can I do?  I mean, I could ask for extra onions, but that would feel to me like I was cheating, so we don’t do it that way.

The hash browns were made perfectly.  They were very crisp and warm.  Hash browns are actually what stops me from ‘slinging myself’ at home.  I make great chili, awesome eggs, etc…but I cannot make hash browns if my life depended on it…just can’t do it.  They come out burnt and flavorless.

I think what I can say about Pat’s slinger is that they did try to vary it up a little bit, but without going too far on the variants of ingredients.  Sausage patties, hash browns, eggs, etc.  The biggest change was that they used a very good quality cheese and they made sure that I did not want for any more cheese than what I was given!  I’ve said in the past that the amount of cheese does not really matter all that much, but I’m thinking now that I want a whole lot of cheese on these things in the future.

The chili was also really good.  Christine, the owner of Riverside Cafe once told me, that it’s the chili that’ll make or break a slinger.  They use a very certain kind of chili, that I forgot the name of on theirs, and that’s what makes them so good.  Unlike at Lafayette Fire Co, the chili was full and hearty and very enjoyable.

I must say, that even though the slinger wasn’t perfect and that the bar is not necessarily my style, I think I will have to check the place out one day just to have a drink and maybe some of the fried chicken they were so proud of.

The search for the perfect slinger continues…

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