C.T.s in Affton, MO

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Affton, Dive Bar
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So, we headed out to Screamers on Gravois Rd. last night. As we got there, I noticed there were a whole bunch of newspapers in the window and all the lights were off. I looked over at the fiancee and said holy hell, it’s closed. (As we drove past it later, we saw that it’s being remodeled into an Irish Saloon…great..so it won’t be a dive bar anymore…and I really wanted to play the darts game there. So..we had to choose a new place to go last night. We ended up at CTs in Affton on Hildesheim and Tieman.

I had been in here once before, but we ended up there after a night of getting hammered at River City Pub on Gravois, so I didnt’ really remember the place except that it was busy and I was drunk. (I wasn’t driving that night either.)  So, we get in and it’s a nice looking little hole in the wall bar, but was it a dive?
Not a bad looking place is it?

I’ve decided each bar I write about will have certain things I’m looking for.  The first is a bourbon on the rocks, so we go up to the bar, and their best bourbon is Jim Beam.  My apologies to the fine folks at the Jim Beam Corporation, but excepting your Knob Creek products, the Beam to me is just high dollar rail bourbon. I’m not drinking it straight.  So, bourbon and coke is what we get.
What I’m still trying to figure out is, if the bartenders liked us or were trying to kill us with alcohol poisoning.  I’ve never in my life had a bourbon and coke that strong, except the one time I made one at home and my hand slipped.  I drank it and it was excellent.  It had enough of god only knows what bourbon in there to put hair on your chest and all sorts of other places you don’t want hair!  Oh yeah, the price of the drinks…two bucks.

The bar is separated into two parts, the jukebox heavy part, and the little TV part.  We sat in the little TV part because the jukebox was loud enough to make Metallica blush.  We did notice a very strong scent of piss.  So, that clearly made this place a dive, right then and there….and the lack of good liquor.  I suppose I should point out, that we’re pretty sure that smell was NOT a common occurrence as there were fans everywhere trying to blow the smell out.  It must have been a backed up toilet or some thing, but last night, it was pretty powerful!

We also headed over to play some of the track ball bowling game, and noticed they also have the Missouri Lottery pull tabs…always a good time.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the darts game I really wanted to play.

This place is a dressed up dive.  Except in the way it looks, it’s a fricking dive.  Smelly. Cramped. Cheap drinks. Bad liquor. Games. Old school cigarette pull machine. Decorated ridiculously for Halloween.  Photos of old radio stations that no longer exist.

Bottom line, go to this bar!  I can’t find a site to link to, or anything like that, but the place DOES exist, and I was there.

Check out all the flickr photos here including the bartenders dancing for my BlackBerry.


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