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Yes I watch Glee.

It was suggested that I begin branching out on things. So, I guess in the loosest sense I’m a food blogger…so I’m going to continue to talk about food, beverages and that sort of stuff. So let me set the stage for this one…during the first month of the baby, we’re living with our in laws to make our transition easier. They drink ONLY decaf. So…my mother in law says to me…Nik, you can make single servings in our espresso maker. Well, after my time as a barista (back back in the way back…), I can work an espresso machine. I didn’t know about using one to make a single cup of normal coffee…but it’s their machine I thought they knew what they were doing. So…I really wanted a coffee.

Well my preferred brand is White Castles Brand Coffee….(seriously…that and Tim Hortons). Well I bring over my coffee and we start…well it came out as White Castles espresso…and not coffee…I know this sounds perfectly logical, but you’ve probably already had your coffee at the time you’ve read this…I hadn’t. I assumed they meant make a cup of coffee…so I did what any good decaffeinated caffeine addict would…