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Another Friday full of fish adventures has come and gone. It’s amazing how many little things can go right or wrong and change a trip on the fly.

This past weekend our chosen destination was St. Matthias in South County. Having filled the car, as usual, with three generations of our family, the Honda Civic was pointed south.

Out of St. Louis City we went and into the wilds of South County all the while listening to music and Siri’s directions on how to get where we were going. As we passed down the road, United Methodist was on our right and jokingly I said, want to stop here to get fish instead? A good laugh was h ad by all as we kept chugging along down south.

Upon arrival at St. Matthias, a sadness overtook me, as there were nearly zero cars in the parking lot. This is never good at 5:45pm on a Fish Fryday. I rolled down the window to smell, and there was no smell of fish! We then checked the sign and saw that there was no fish fry today.  At least the car wasn’t emptied and we could just turn around and head to that place down the road.