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The group.

I don’t really know how it happened, but IPA’s seem to have become my beer of choice lately. I really have grown to love their bitter hoppiness. I suppose it may have happened after I stopped drinking session beers. Most nights, I’ll go to my fridge and have one beer. On the wild and crazy weekends, it might even be two. So, I find myself enjoying a beer for a lot longer than I normally would. IPA’s are definitely much better at being able to  enjoy them  over a longer period of time than say a macro lager…especially after letting them warm up a little bit. I try to get them to around 45 degrees before I start drinking them. I’d say by the time I’m finished, they’re probably around 60 degrees or warmer though…and most times, still very tasty.

This time we’re going with Extra IPAs, which have just a bit more kick in the alcohol content. These beers have a variance of only .07% between the highest and lowest of the three.