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Hello! Hello! It’s been awhile, yes, I’m well aware and for that I apologize, but I cannot tell you just how busy I’ve gotten over the past few months.  Not to tell you too much, but this is my biggest class schedule, my best friend got married in Buffalo, my soccer blog has taken off, we’re expecting a little one, and I even have a small gig with a Pro Soccer Team in the area.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things, and I do have to say…it’s getting harder and harder to find slingers these days.  I’ve been to 26 different restaurants looking for them, so please as always, help me find new ones.  Today, we’re revisiting an old idea I had, the 13 Blog on the road.  I mentioned my best friend got married, but I didn’t mention that I was also the best man…it’s been an interesting few weeks!